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EQCA Vows to Restore Marriage at Ballot Box in Wake of Prop 8 Ruling

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May 26, 2009

Equality California Vows to Restore Marriage at Ballot Box in Wake of Prop. 8 Ruling

LOS ANGELES – Following the California Supreme Court’s decision today to uphold Prop. 8, which stripped same-sex couples of their right to marry, Equality California (EQCA) vowed to win marriage back at the ballot box. EQCA released the following statement as well as a memo to members and allies detailing its recommendations to return to the ballot in 2010.

Statement from Marc Solomon, EQCA’s Marriage Director:

“Today’s ruling is a miscarriage of justice. No minority group should have to defend its right to equality at the ballot.

“Despite today’s setback, Equality California is committed to restoring the freedom to marry.  We believe, as do the majority of our members, that 2010 is the best time to return to the ballot to repeal Prop. 8. We must take full advantage of the momentum and commitment people now have to do the work required on the ground. However, we will make the final decision on when to return in collaboration with our coalition partners and allies throughout the state.

“We have already launched a mobilization campaign to reach more than 300,000 Californians in the next 100 days in places where we need the most movement—Los Angeles County, San Diego, Orange County, the Inland Empire, the Central Valley and Sacramento, and over the coming weeks we will expand our efforts with our partners and tens of thousands of volunteers.

“We do not underestimate the challenge of implementing a strong ballot campaign.  Introducing ballot language is simple; winning an affirmative referendum on the freedom to marry will be difficult and expensive. But we have confidence that we can and will prevail.

“We look forward to working with our coalition partners to make a final decision on when to return to the ballot and to putting together one powerful, winning campaign program to ensure that committed, same-sex couples are once again able to enjoy the dignity and protections that marriage provides.” 

To read the entire memo detailing arguments for 2010 versus 2012, please visit www.eqca.org/2010v2012memo