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Equality California Launches ‘The Breakthrough Conversation' Project to Build Support for LGBT Equality and Marriage

Equality California Launches ‘The Breakthrough Conversation' Project to Build Support for LGBT Equality and Marriage

(San Francisco) Equality California announced that it is launching a new public education project, “The Breakthrough Conversation,” designed to overcome the psychological, cultural and emotional triggers around lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and kids that continue to impede securing full equality, including the freedom to marry.

For decades, opponents of equality have used prejudicial and dehumanizing myths about LGBT people being a harm to kids and families as a weapon against us in the legislature, in the courts and at the ballot. We have to address this wrong to effectively have this 'Breakthrough Conversation' in the public sphere and confront major societal barriers that prevent us from securing full and lasting equality, including marriage.

“The Breakthrough Conversation” will include new, cutting-edge research, media tools and intensive trainings across the state to equip LGBT people and allies to talk to friends, neighbors and relatives and address concerns in a direct, honest and engaging ways. Equality California will work with other leading and diverse LGBT organizations in the state, including the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, Our Family Coalition, API Equality, California Faith for Equality, the Jordan/Rustin Coalition, Latino Equality Alliance, Honor Fund and many others to implement the project.

“Equality California's 'Breakthrough Conversation' project has the potential to be a real game-changer for the marriage equality movement,” said Matt Foreman, Director of Gay and Immigrant Rights programs at the Haas, Jr. Fund, which is supporting the effort. “It’s no secret we need to demolish the ugly ‘harms kids/schools’ mantra once and for all and this will go a long way by  developing new, sophisticated tools, trainings and tactics.” 

For more information on Equality California's Breakthrough Conversation, please visit: http://www.eqcai.org/breakthrough

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