Equality California
Equality California Celebrates Victories For Equality
November 7, 2012

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Equality California Celebrates Victories For Equality

50 Endorsed Candidates Win Races

(Sacramento) On a night of historic gains for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans and Californians — including marriage victories in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington — nearly all of Equality California’s endorsed candidates were victorious. Based on current results, of the 57 candidates EQCA endorsed for Tuesday’s election, 50 of them won their races outright, and two are still too close to call. The night marked another victory in expanding the number of pro-equality legislators and maintaining a 7-member LGBT Legislative Caucus.

The LGBT Legislative Caucus will welcome one new member this year, Democrat Susan Eggman from Stockton. Pro-equality candidates Sharon Quirk-Silva and Jose Medina also clinched key victories against anti-LGBT candidates in Southern California races. EQCA field teams and volunteers supported these candidates with phone banking and door-to-door canvassing.

“Congratulations to the new and returning legislators,” said Suzy Jones, EQCA PAC chair. “California voters asserted again that belief in full equality is an important part of representing them, and they did so in places like the Central Valley, Orange County and Riverside, a historic expansion of the pro-equality map.”

EQCA also celebrates the victory of Proposition 30, which will provide critical funding to schools, community colleges, and the state’s safety net, and the defeat of Proposition 32, which would have hurt unions’ ability to stand with the LGBT community.

Finally, EQCA congratulates U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein on her re-election, first proudly lesbian U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin on her election, U.S. Representative Raul Ruiz on his election, and first LGBT person of color elected U.S. Representative Mark Takano.

The results for EQCA endorsed candidates: 

Luis Alejo, Assembly District 30 Re-elected
Michael Allen, Assembly District 10 Undecided
Tom Ammiano, Assembly District 17 Re-elected
Toni Atkins, Assembly District 78 Re-elected
Marty Block, Senate District 39 Elected
Bob Blumenfield, Assembly District 45 Re-elected
Susan Bonilla, Assembly District 14 Re-elected
Steven Bradford, Assembly District 62 Re-elected
Joan Buchanan, Assembly District 16 Re-elected
Betsy Butler, Assembly District 50 Undecided
Ian Calderon, Assembly District 57 Elected
Wesley Chesbro, Assembly District 2 Re-elected
Ken Cooley, Assembly District 8 Elected
Mark DeSaulnier, Senate District 07 Re-elected
Roger Dickinson, Assembly District 7 Re-elected
Susan Eggman, Assembly District 13 Elected
Paul Fong, Assembly District 28 Re-elected
Jim Frazier, Assembly District 11 Elected
Cathleen Galgiani, Senate District 5 Defeated
Christina Garcia, Assembly District 58 Elected
Mike Gatto, Assembly District 43 Re-elected
Rich Gordon, Assembly District 24 Re-elected
Adam Gray, Assembly District 21 Elected
Abel Guillen, Assembly District 18 Defeated
Loni Hancock, Senate District 09 Re-elected
Edward Headington, Assembly District 38 Defeated
Roger Hernandez, Assembly District 48 Re-elected
Ben Hueso, Assembly District 80 Re-elected
Hannah Beth Jackson, Senate District 19 Elected
Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Assembly District 59 Elected
Ricardo Lara, Senate District 33 Elected
Mark Leno, Senate District 11 Re-elected
Carol Liu, Senate District 25 Re-elected
Luis Lopez, Assembly District 51 Defeated
Bonnie Lowenthal, Assembly District 70 Re-elected
Jose Medina, Assembly District 61 Elected
Holly Mitchell, Assembly District 54 Re-elected
Bill Monning, Senate District 17 Elected
Kevin Mullin, Assembly District 22 Elected
Al Muratsuchi, Assembly District 66 Elected
Adrin Nazarian, Assembly District 46 Elected
John Pérez, Assembly District 53, Speaker of the Assembly Re-elected
Richard Pan, Assembly District 9 Re-elected
Fran Pavley, Senate District 27 Re-elected
Manuel Perez, Assembly District 56 Re-elected
Yes on Proposition 30 WIN
NO on Proposition 32 WIN

Sharon Quirk Silva, Assembly District 65 Elected
Anthony Rendon, Assembly District 63 Elected
Richard Roth, Senate District 31 Elected
Nancy Skinner, Assembly District 15 Re-elected
Mark Stone, Assembly District 29 Elected
Philip Ting, Assembly District 19 Elected
Russ Warner, Assembly District 40 Defeated
Shirley Weber, Assembly District 79 Elected
Bob Wieckowski, Assembly District 25 Re-elected
Das Williams, Assembly District 37 Re-elected
Lois Wolk, Senate District 03 Re-elected
Mariko Yamada, Assembly District 4 Re-elected

Equality California (EQCA) is the largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights advocacy organization in California. Over the past decade, Equality California has strategically moved California from a state with extremely limited legal protections for LGBT individuals to a state with some of the most comprehensive civil rights protections in the nation. Equality California has passed more than 90 pieces of legislation and continues to advance equality through legislative advocacy, electoral work, public education and community empowerment. www.eqca.org