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Protect the School Success and Opportunity Act

We're not taking chances.

The National Organization for Marriage, the main group behind Proposition 8, is back in California. NOM has joined other fringe, anti-LGBT hate groups to attack our students at the ballot box.

The groups have filed signatures with the Secretary of State and are already gearing up for a well-funded campaign to strip our students of vital protections that make sure they can succeed at school.

Frank Schubert, the mastermind behind Proposition 8, has also signed on to advise the campaign that bullies our youth. After failing all four anti-marriage equality campaigns in 2012, he has now turned his sights to attacking the most vulnerable members of our community, transgender students.

Stand up for the School Success and Opportunity Act today! Your donation today will help us spread the truth about this bill and combat our opposition's lies!

ab 1266

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AB1266 Referendum Donate

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