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Transgender Rights


As an advocate for the entire LGBT community in California, EQCA has been one of the nation’s pioneers in preventing discrimination against transgender people. Transgender Californians often face prejudice based on their actual or perceived gender identity. EQCA’s nondiscrimination work has focused on workplace and employment protections, equal access to health care and housing, and safe school environments.

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Most sections of California law prohibit discrimination based on a long list of protected classes, including gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. Transgender Californians are protected from discrimination when securing employment and housing, accessing government services and participating in state-funded activities. Transgender people are also protected under the state’s hate crime law.


EQCA-Sponsored Legislation

  • Transgender Name Changes, Birth and Death Certificates
    AB 1121 (Atkins, 2013)
    This bill simplifies the process required for a name change to reflect a person’s gender identity, as well as ensuring that a person’s identity documents reflect his or her gender identity accurately, particularly death certificates.

  • Gender Non-Discrimination Act
    AB 887 (Lowenthal, 2011)
    Places “gender identity and expression” alongside other protected categories in our non-discrimination laws.

  • Vital Statistics Modernization Act
    AB 433 (Atkins, 2011)
    Streamlines the existing process for making a petition for a court order recognizing a change of gender and obtaining an updated birth certificate.
  • Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act
    AB 1160 (Lieber, 2006)
    Jury instructions amended to prevent the use of bias-based defenses and so-called “panic strategies” in criminal trials.

  • Insurance Gender Non-Discrimination Act
    AB 1586 (Koretz, 2005)
    Transgender Californians receive equal access to health coverage and care.

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