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2004 Legislation

2004 Legislation

Marriage License Non-Discrimination Act (AB 1967 | Leno)
This bill will prevent county clerks and other government officials from discriminating against same-sex couples in the issuance of marriage licenses in the State of California. Marriage licenses will allow same-sex couples to access the benefits of marriage in California.


California Insurance Equality Act (AB 2208 | Kehoe)
This bill will amend the Insurance and the Health & Safety Codes to prohibit insurance providers from issuing policies or plans that discriminate against domestic partners. It will require all insurance policies and plans that include coverage for spouses -- including health, life, auto, and homeowners insurance, among others -- to include the same coverage for domestic partners.


Omnibus Labor and Employment Non-Discrimination Act (AB 2900 | Laird)
This bill amends existing labor and employment non-discrimination provisions in California law to be consistent with the non-discrimination provisions in the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Omnibus Hate Crimes Act (SB 1234 | Kuehl)
This bill would standardize Penal Code sections relating to hate crimes. It would also change policies and procedures related to the treatment of victims, plus the training of law enforcement.


Permanent Partners Immigration Act (PPIA) Resolution (AJR 60 | Lieber)
This resolution encourages the passage of PPIA by the US Congress. Family unification is a basic principle of US immigration law, but same-sex bi-national couples are not covered under federal law.

Status: Passed the Legislature. AJR 60 is now the official position of the State of California.


Resolution Opposing A Federal Marriage Discrimination Amendment (AJR 85 | Leno)
This resolution opposes the proposed federal amendment that would discriminate against gay and lesbian Americans. This resolution denounces attempts to amend the Constitution to prohibit lesbian and gay Americans from ever obtaining legal protections for their family relationships.

Status: Passed the Legislature. AJR 85 is now the official position of the State of California.

Successes in 2004

Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation passed: 8
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that became law: 7
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation vetoed: 1
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that died in committee: 1

Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation passed: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation that became law: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation defeated: 5

Legislative Hearings

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