Equality California


In recent years, EQCA has worked to ensure the rights of LGBT seniors, protecting them from discrimination in retirement communities, ensuring their access to important state services and programs, and safeguarding their homes and assets after the death of one partner.


California Law

Discrimination against LGBT seniors is prohibited in state-funded programs and services. State law also protects registered domestic partners when one partner dies. California law also provides domestic partnerships for opposite-gender couples when one partner is older than 62.


EQCA-Sponsored Legislation

  • LGBT Cultural Competency Training for Administrators in Senior Care Facilities
    AB 663 (Gomez, 2013)
    Ensures that administrators of residential care facilities have an additional five hours of training in cultural competency and sensitivity in aging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues.

  • Fair and Equal Taxation for Surviving Partners Act
    AB 1700 (Butler, 2012)
    Will ensure that no LGBT person is put at risk of losing the home that he or she has built over a lifetime with a loved one.

  • LGBT Senior Care Training
    SB 1729 (Migden, 2008)
    Requires licensed health professionals who have constant interaction with seniors in nursing homes and senior care facilities to receive training to better understand how to foster an environment that is free from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Fair and Equal Taxation for Surviving Partners Act
    SB 559 (Kehoe, 2007)
    Reduces unfair property tax increases levied on some domestic partners.

  • Older Californians Equality and Protection Act
    AB 2920 (Leno, 2006)
    GBT seniors receive protections from discrimination in state-funded programs, ensuring they receive adequate state services.

  • Domestic Partners Intestate Succession
    AB 2216 (Keely, 2002)
    Widowed domestic partners receive legal recognition in the distribution of the deceased partner's estate and protections if the partner dies without a will.

  • Domestic Partnership Limited Rights and Responsibilities
    AB 25 (Migden, 2001)
    Registered domestic partners receive new rights and benefits. Opposite-gender couples (with one person older than 62) can register as domestic partners.

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