Equality California
2009 Legislation

Harvey Milk Day

Bill Number: SB 572

This bill would require the governor proclaim May 22 each year as Harvey Milk Day. It would encourage public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date. 

Status: Introduced on February 27, 2009, passed the California State Senate Governmental Organization Committee by a 9-4 margin. Passed Senate by a 25-12 bipartisan vote. Passed Assembly Education Committee by a 6-1 vote. Passed Assembly by a 45-27 vote. Passed Senate concurrence vote by 22-14 with bipartisan support.  Signed into law by Governor Schwarzengger on October 11.

Lead Author: Senator Mark Leno  

Principal Co-Authors: Senator Kehoe and Assembly Members Ammiano and John A. Pérez




  • Harvey Milk in front of his Castro Street Camera Store, circa 1977. Photo courtesy of Daniel Nicoletta.

    "You Got to Give Them Hope"