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2011 Legislation

At the close of the 2011 legislative session in October, Equality California reached a new milestone—passage of its most ambitious legislative program since the organization was founded in 1998. Ten of the twelve bills sponsored by Equality California in 2011--on issues ranging from domestic partnership and family protections, to safe schools, transgender anti-discrimination and inclusive education--have now been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.


Also, learn about our Successes from 1999 to 2010 and our Past Legislation.

Safe Schools and Education

Eighty percent of LGBT youth report being verbally harassed at school; one in five reports being physically assaulted at school.*

Our youth are in crisis, and too often they feel like they have no way out and choose to end their own lives. We have to help.


In 2010, Equality California sponsored Mental Health Services for At-Risk Youth to make it possible for LGBT youth who do not have supportive parents to see a mental health professional when they need help. This year, we've passed three bills that will make schools safer -- helping to stop bullying and harassment before it starts.


Transgender Rights

While we’ve made great strides towards equality for transgender people, there’s much more to do. Seventy percent of transgender people have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. One in five has been homeless. And they are twice as likely as anyone else to live below the poverty line.*

We have laws protecting transgender people in housing and the workforce, but all too often these laws aren’t enforced or understood. This year, we passed legislation to ensure gender identity and expression will be recognized in the California Code alongside every other group that has historically been denied their civil rights.


Being Counted and Measuring Progress

LGBT people and our families count. These critical bills will move California forward by asking the state to collect data on the LGBT community in California. Not only will we have a better understanding of the community’s needs and the services it uses, we’ll also help the state to gather critical data to apply for foundation and government funding that can help balance our state budget.


Rights of Same-Sex Couples and Their Families

As we work to restore the freedom to marry through the courts, we must do all we can to enhance the legal rights of same-sex couples and their families. These couples and families cannot wait another day for greater equality. In 2011, we passed three bills designed to strengthen protections for families and close equality gaps between domestic partnerships and marriage. 



Too many LGBT people skip preventive and even critical health care due to doctors who don’t understand their needs. We’re helping to ensure that California’s licensed health care professionals better understand the LGBT community and can provide better care.



Equality California works with supportive legislators to introduce resolutions that can help advance LGBT equality within California's borders, at the federal level and beyond.


Successes from 1999 - 2011

Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation passed: 85
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that became law: 72
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation vetoed: 15
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that died in committee: 2

Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation passed: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation that became law: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation defeated: 37

Past Legislation

Over the past fifteen years, EQCA has successfully passed 105 pieces of civil rights legislation for the LGBT community – more than any other statewide LGBT organization in the nation.

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