Equality California
2010 Legislation

Unemployment Benefits Equality

Bill Number: AB 2055

Current law extents unemployment benefits to married couples, domestic partners and heterosexual couples who live in the same house. AB 2055 would enable same-sex couples who are about to become registered domestic partners to receive unemployment benefits just as their heterosexual counterparts do.

Status: Introduced on February 18, 2010. Passed the Assembly Insurance Committee by a 8-4 vote. Passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee May 28, 2010 in a 12 to 5 vote. Passed an Assembly Floor vote, 48-26, on June 2, 2010. Passed the Senate of Labor and Industrial Relations Committee June 23, 2010 in a 4-1 vote. Passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 9, 2010, and by the full Senate on August 23, 2010 in a 23-11 bipartisan vote. Passed by the Assembly in a concurrence vote on August 24, 2010. Signed by the Governor on September 30, 2010.

Author: Assemblymember Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate)






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