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Equality For All's Polling Data

The PDFs posted below contain polling data commissioned by No on 8, Equality for All, the organization that ran the No on Proposition 8 campaign. This data tracks voters position on Proposition 8, influential messages and messengers, and impact on voters from various messages. No on 8, Equality for All, which is now disbanded, has taken the unprecedented step of making this data public to provide the community and our allies with as much information as possible, and so we can learn as much as possible from the data.

The data may be freely used and cited, but please attribute No on 8, Equality for All as the source.



  • Lake Poll, July 7-13, Documents: 1234





  • Binder Poll: November 1-3 Documents 1 | 2
Featured Publication
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    Winning Back Marriage Equality:
    Analysis and Plan
    Equality California analyzes the possible elections to return to the ballot to win marriage back and discusses components for the next campaign.
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    Findings from a Decade of Polling on Ballot Measures Regarding the Legal Status of Same-Sex Couples
    A report by Patrick J. Egan and Kenneth Sherrill shows that voters don't move during campaigns and debunks theories explaining persistent discrepancies between polls and actual results.
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    EQCA’s Efforts to Help Defeat Prop. 8
    Woodward & McDowell, a bi-partisan political consulting firm specializing in California ballot measures, conducted a third-party audit of what EQCA did to try and defeat Prop.8, the lessons learned from those efforts and suggestions for moving forward.
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    California’s Proposition 8:
    What Happened, and What Does the Future Hold?
    Patrick J. Egan and Kenneth Sherrill examine the characteristics of Prop. 8 voters and how public opinion has shifted since the Knight Initiative in 2000 and debunks the myth that African American Californians overwhelmingly voted to pass Prop. 8.
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    A Time to Build Up:
    Analysis of the No on Prop. 8 Campaign and Its Implications for Future Religious Organizing
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force report examines faith, the Proposition 8 vote and the religious-secular partnerships relevant to marriage equality.
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