Equality California
Thank You

Now What?

If we are to win in court and at the ballot box, we have to keep California’s top officials on the side of equality. Making sure the next governor and attorney general are on our side is essential to our cause.

Thank you for signing EQCA's petition to Meg Whitman, candidate for governor, and Steve Cooley, candidate for attorney general. Fortunately, their opponents, Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris have already said that they will not defend Prop. 8 in court.

What You Can Do

We need your help to protect the Prop. 8 decision by keeping the state out of the case.

  • $1 a day. Make a donation to help elect a governor and attorney general who will refuse to appeal Judge Walker's ruling.
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  • Get the word out. Tell your friends about the petition to Meg & Steve. Encourage them to sign it at www.eqca.org/dontdefend8

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