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2010 Legislation

2010 Legislation

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians still lack equal rights and protections under California law, simply because of who they are. In 2010, Equality California sponsored a record eight bills and seven resolutions to close the equality gap and to advance our mission to achieve full equality for LGBT Californians.

Four of these bills passed the Legislature and were signed by the Governor: the Separation Equity Act, Mental Health Services for At-Risk Youth, Repeal of Discriminatory Code and Unemployment Benefits Equality. Three bills were passed by the Legislature but unfortunately vetoed by the Governor: the Civil Marriage Religious Freedom Act, LGBT Prisoner Safety Act and Hate Crimes Protection Act. Equality California will continue advocating for legislative and adminstrative policy change to make these reforms. The Data Inclusion Act will be considered by the Legislature in 2011.

This year’s bills bring us closer to ensuring that the State of California recognizes the relationships of same-sex couples and that LGBT community members have access to vital health care and safety protections. As the most populous state in the nation, California can play a significant role in supporting federal legislation that affects the lives of LGBT Americans. This year’s resolutions support federal policies that will expand equality across the nation.

EQCA works with California’s LGBT Legislative Caucus and each bill’s author to set winning strategies to secure passage of our sponsored legislation.

But we can’t do it alone. Sign up for EQCA’s Action Center to voice your support for critical legislation that will bring us closer to full equality.


Successes in 2010

Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation passed: 14
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that became law: 11
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation vetoed: 3
Total pieces of pro-LGBT legislation that died in committee: 1

Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation passed: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation that became law: 0
Total pieces of anti-LGBT legislation defeated: 3

Past Legislation

In the past decade, EQCA has successfully passed more than 60 pieces of civil rights legislation for the LGBT community – more than any other statewide LGBT organization in the nation.


Get a synopis of 2010's legislative package, and see how California's elected officials stack up on EQCA's legislation in our annual scorecard.   

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