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Equality California endorses and supports 100% pro-equality candidates — up and down the ballot — fighting for LGBTQ+ civil rights, reproductive freedom and social justice. Use our official Pro-Equality Voter Guide below to make a plan to vote!

Our Endorsements

Current Endorsements

Equality California endorses viable candidates running for local office, statewide offices, the state legislature and Congress who have a proven track record of supporting equal rights and legal protections for LGBTQ+ Californians and who are committed to advancing these goals in their capacity as elected officials.

Except in rare circumstances, Equality California only endorses openly LGBTQ+ candidates in local school board races, with the goal of supporting the careers of exceptional leaders in our community to build and develop a bench of strong openly LGBTQ+ leaders and candidates for higher office.

In races for California Assembly and Senate, the United States House of Representatives and Senate and California State Constitutional Offices, Equality California considers endorsement of all candidates — those who are openly LGBTQ+ and pro-equality allies — who meet our screening and endorsement criteria.

President and Vice President of the United States:

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

U.S. Senate

  • Adam Schiff

U.S. House of Representatives:

  • Congressional District 02: Jared Huffman
  • Congressional District 03: Jessica Morse
  • Congressional District 04: Mike Thompson
  • Congressional District 06: Ami Bera
  • Congressional District 07: Doris Matsui
  • Congressional District 08: John Garamendi
  • Congressional District 09: Josh Harder
  • Congressional District 10: Mark DeSaulnier
  • Congressional District 11: Nancy Pelosi
  • Congressional District 12: Lateefah Simon
  • Congressional District 13: Adam Gray
  • Congressional District 14: Eric Swalwell
  • Congressional District 15: Kevin Mullin
  • Congressional District 16: Evan Low
  • Congressional District 17: Ro Khanna
  • Congressional District 18: Zoe Lofgren
  • Congressional District 19: Jimmy Panetta
  • Congressional District 21: Jim Costa
  • Congressional District 22: Rudy Salas
  • Congressional District 23: Derek Marshall
  • Congressional District 24: Salud Carbajal
  • Congressional District 25: Dr. Raul Ruiz
  • Congressional District 26: Julia Brownley
  • Congressional District 27: George Whitesides
  • Congressional District 28: Judy Chu
  • Congressional District 29: Luz Rivas
  • Congressional District 30: Laura Friedman
  • Congressional District 31: Gil Cisneros
  • Congressional District 32: Brad Sherman
  • Congressional District 33: Pete Aguilar
  • Congressional District 34: Jimmy Gomez
  • Congressional District 35: Norma Torres
  • Congressional District 36: Ted Lieu
  • Congressional District 37: Sydney Kamlager-Dove
  • Congressional District 38: Linda T. Sánchez
  • Congressional District 39: Mark Takano
  • Congressional District 40: Joe Kerr
  • Congressional District 41: Will Rollins
  • Congressional District 42: Robert Garcia
  • Congressional District 43: Maxine Waters
  • Congressional District 44: Nanette Barragán
  • Congressional District 45: Derek Tran
  • Congressional District 46: Lou Correa
  • Congressional District 47: Dave Min
  • Congressional District 49: Mike Levin
  • Congressional District 50: Scott Peters
  • Congressional District 51: Sara Jacobs
  • Congressional District 52: Juan Vargas

California Senate:

  • Senate District 03: Christopher Cabaldon
  • Senate District 05: Jerry McNerney
  • Senate District 07: Jesse Arreguin
  • Senate District 09: Tim Grayson
  • Senate District 11; Scott Wiener
  • Senate District 13: Josh Becker
  • Senate District 15: Dave Cortese
  • Senate District 17: John Laird
  • Senate District 19: Lisa Middleton 
  • Senate District 21: Monique Limón
  • Senate District 23: Kipp Mueller
  • Senate District 25: Sasha Renee Perez
  • Senate District 27: Henry Stern
  • Senate District 29: Eloise Reyes
  • Senate District 31: Sabrina Cervantes
  • Senate District 33: Lena Gonzalez
  • Senate District 35: Michelle Chambers
  • Senate District 37: Josh Newman
  • Senate District 39: Akilah Weber

California Assembly:

  • Assembly District 02: Chris Rogers
  • Assembly District 04: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
  • Assembly District 05: Neva Parker
  • Assembly District 06: Maggy Krell
  • Assembly District 07: Porsche Middleton
  • Assembly District 10: Stephanie Nguyen
  • Assembly District 11: Lori Wilson
  • Assembly District 12: Damon Connolly
  • Assembly District 13: Rhodesia Ransom
  • Assembly District 14: Buffy Wicks
  • Assembly District 15: Anamarie Avila Farias
  • Assembly District 16: Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
  • Assembly District 17: Matt Haney
  • Assembly District 18: Mia Bonta
  • Assembly District 19: Catherine Stefani
  • Assembly District 20: Liz Ortega
  • Assembly District 21: Diane Papan
  • Assembly District 22: Jessica Self
  • Assembly District 23: Marc Berman
  • Assembly District 24: Alex Lee
  • Assembly District 25: Ash Kalra
  • Assembly District 26: Patrick Ahrens
  • Assembly District 27: Esmeralda Soria
  • Assembly District 28: Gail Pellerin
  • Assembly District 29: Robert Rivas
  • Assembly District 30: Dawn Addis
  • Assembly District 31: Joaquin Arambula
  • Assembly District 34: Ricardo Ortega
  • Assembly District 35: Dr. Jasmeet Bains
  • Assembly District 36: Joey Acuña
  • Assembly District 37: Gregg Hart
  • Assembly District 38: Steve Bennett
  • Assembly District 39: Juan Carrillo
  • Assembly District 40: Pilar Schiavo
  • Assembly District 41: John Harabedian
  • Assembly District 42: Jacqui Irwin
  • Assembly District 43: Celeste Rodriguez
  • Assembly District 44: Nick Schultz
  • Assembly District 46: Jesse Gabriel
  • Assembly District 47: Christy Holstege
  • Assembly District 48: Blanca Rubio
  • Assembly District 49: Mike Fong
  • Assembly District 50: Robert Garcia
  • Assembly District 51: Rick Chavez Zbur
  • Assembly District 52: Jessica Caloza
  • Assembly District 53: Michelle Rodriguez
  • Assembly District 54: Mark Gonzalez
  • Assembly District 55: Isaac Bryan
  • Assembly District 56: Lisa Calderon
  • Assembly District 57 (dual endorsement): Sade Elhawary and Dulce Vasquez
  • Assembly District 58: Clarissa Cervantes
  • Assembly District 59: Dave Obrand
  • Assembly District 60: Corey Jackson
  • Assembly District 61: Tina McKinnor
  • Assembly District 62: José Solache
  • Assembly District 63: Chris Shoults
  • Assembly District 64: Blanca Pacheco
  • Assembly District 65: Mike Gipson
  • Assembly District 66: Al Muratsuchi
  • Assembly District 67: Sharon Quirk-Silva
  • Assembly District 68: Avelino Valencia
  • Assembly District 69: Josh Lowenthal
  • Assembly District 72: Dom Jones
  • Assembly District 73: Cottie Petrie-Norris
  • Assembly District 74: Chris Duncan
  • Assembly District 75: Kevin Juza
  • Assembly District 76: Darshana Patel
  • Assembly District 77: Tasha Boerner
  • Assembly District 78: Chris Ward
  • Assembly District 80: David Alvarez

Local Offices:

  • Alameda County Board of Education, Trustee Area 2: Angela Normand
  • Alameda County Board of Education, Trustee Area 5: Lupe Angulo
  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 4: Jennifer Esteen
  • Alameda County Supervisor, District 5: John Bauters
  • Fresno County Board of Supervisors, District 5: Jennifer Cruz
  • Glendale School Board District, Trustee Area A: Telly Tse
  • Glendale School Board District, Trustee Area E: Neda Farid
  • Kern County Board of Supervisors, District 4: Alex Garcia
  • Los Angeles City Council, District 4: Ethan Weaver
  • Los Angeles Unified School Board, District 5: Fidencio Gallardo
  • Orange County Board of Education, Trustee Area 3: Dr. Nancy Watkins
  • Riverside County Board of Education, Trustee Area 7: Maliha Williamson
  • Sacramento Mayor: Steve Hansen
  • San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, District 3: Graham Smith
  • San Bernardino City Council, District 3: Christian Shaughnessy
  • San Diego City Council, District 3: Stephen Whitburn
  • San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 3: Terra Lawson-Remer
  • San Diego Mayor: Todd Gloria
  • Santa Cruz City Council, District 5: Joe Thompson
  • Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, District 5: Monica Martinez
  • Solano County Board of Supervisors, District 1: Michael Wilson
  • Stockton City Council, District 4: Mario Enriquez
  • West Hollywood City Council: John Erickson

Local Recall Efforts:

Bold indicates an openly LGBTQ+ candidate.

Past Endorsements

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Endorsement Process and Guidelines

Endorsement Process

Equality California conducts research to determine candidates’ records on LGBTQ+ civil rights and social justice and will extend invitations to participate in the endorsement process based on past record, viability and Equality California priority considerations.

Endorsement by Equality California requires completion of a candidate questionnaire and candidate interviews. Candidates who are interested in our endorsement should contact Shay Franco-Clausen, Political Director at shay@eqca.org, as early as possible to inform us of your candidacy.

To be considered for Equality California endorsement for the upcoming 2024 General election, candidates must submit a questionnaire by August 9th, 2024. Endorsement meetings will be held between May 20, 2024 – August 15, 2024. 

Our endorsement process will close on August 9, 2024.

Key Candidate Considerations

  • Candidates must be 100% in support of LGBTQ+ equality to be considered for endorsement.
  • Candidates must be viable and able to run a competitive campaign.
  • Candidate’s prior depth of work in support of full LGBTQ+ equality is a key factor.
  • Is the candidate openly LGBTQ+?
  • Will endorsement diversify and expand support for LGBTQ+ equality and social justice?
  • NOTE: A candidate who is not 100% in support of full LGBTQ+ equality is not eligible for endorsement.
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Voting by mail is SAFE and EASY — and you don’t even need a stamp in California! All active registered California voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for each election. If you live in California, click here to check your voter registration status.

If you are registered to vote in California, your county elections office will begin mailing ballots approximately one month before Election Day. It can take a few days for your ballot to arrive in the mail. Click here to track your ballot or click here to contact your county elections office if you think your ballot may have been lost in the mail. If you aren’t registered to vote in California, click here for more information about how to vote in your state.

When you receive your California vote-by-mail ballot, make sure to read and follow the included instructions carefully. After carefully marking your choices on your ballot, simply:

  1. Seal it. Secure your ballot inside the envelope from your county elections office.
  2. Sign it. Make sure the signature on your ballot envelope matches the one on your California driver’s license or state ID, OR the signature you provided when registering. Your county elections office will compare them to protect your vote.
  3. Return it by mail OR in person:
    • By mail: Make sure your ballot is postmarked by Election Day. No stamp required!
    • In person: If you prefer, drop your ballot off at a secure drop box, polling place, vote center or your county elections office by 8:00 PM on Election Day. Click here to find a ballot drop off location near you.
  4. Track it. Click here to track your ballot and sign up for status alerts by text message, email or voice call.

If you lost your ballot or didn’t receive it in the mail, voting locations will offer replacement ballots, voter registration, accessible voting machines and language assistance. Voting locations will be available in all California counties before and on Election Day. Click here to find an early voting location near you.

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Our PACs

Equality California PAC

Equality California PAC works to elect pro-equality candidates running for local, state legislative and statewide offices, who have a proven track record of supporting civil rights and social justice for LGBTQ+ people and who are committed to advancing these goals in their capacity as elected officials.


Equality California Federal PAC

Equality California Federal PAC works to elect pro-equality candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate or president, who have a proven track record of supporting civil rights and social justice for LGBTQ+ people and who are committed to advancing these goals in their capacity as elected officials.

Equality California Issues PAC

Equality California Issues PAC endorses or opposes select initiative and issue campaigns that come before California’s voters. This PAC endorses or opposes initiatives relevant to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as initiatives that are important to the diverse communities to which LGBTQ+ people belong or that have a substantial impact upon our state.

PAC Committee Members

Equality California’s PACs are overseen by a group of dedicated community leaders and activists:

    • Jane Natoli, Chair*
    • Alex Randolph, Vice Chair*
    • Jerry Bloom*
    • Sue Burnside*
    • Cecilia Cabello*
    • Jason Chan*
    • Bevan Dufty*
    • Shayna Englin
    • Clarissa Filgioun
    • Joe Goldman
    • Joe Gregorich*
    • Steve Hansen
    • Drexel Heard^
    • Tony Hoang (ex officio)
    • Cheryl Hori
    • Lloyd Levine
    • Thomas Li
    • Susan McCabe^
    • Richard Poppen^
    • Jeff Riles*
    • Nancy Sutley*

* Member of Equality California Board of Directors

^ Member of the Equality California Board of Advisors

Paid for by Equality California Political Action Committee. Committee major funding from:
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Caucus Leadership Fund
California Dental Association
California Apartment Association
Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.