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Equality California Institute Leadership Academy

As part of Equality California Institute’s priority to develop LGBTQ+ leaders at all levels of government and business throughout the state, Equality California Institute is proud to announce our 2021 Virtual Leadership Academy.

The Equality California Institute Leadership Academy is an innovative program, generously sponsored by Edison International, to train the next generation of LGBTQ leaders in California. The goal of the program is to prepare LGBTQ+ leaders to run for public office and/or seek appointments to state, municipal and corporate boards and commissions.

The upcoming 2021 cohort will include two full-day online sessions in May hosted and presented by current California public officials as well as Equality California institute staff. Additionally, our fellows’ credentials will be included in a resource bank of LGBTQ+ leaders that we will use to advocate for their placement in appointed positions.

Sign up to receive updates when 2021 enrollment opens: https://go.eqca.org/a/eqcai-leadership-academy-sign-updates

Please contact Jeremy Payne with any questions via email at jeremy@eqca.org, using “EQCAI Leadership Academy” in the subject line.

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