Tagline: Until the Work Is Done
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Honorees & special guests to be announced

Event Co-Chairs
Holly Amaya
Jason Anderson
Additional Co-Chairs to be announced

Host Committee

Sapphire Blackwood

Josh Brock

Andrea Cubitt

Randy Clark & Tom Maddox

Hanna Grene

Kristin Housh

Dylan Jacobs

Shreya Key

Morten Lund

Joyce Rowland & Pamela Morgan

Hon. Steve Padilla

Emily Rosen

Sarah Super

John Tedstrom

Hon. Nora Vargas

Jacquie Vinaccia

Hillary Whittington

Andrew Yoshimura

2021 Leadership Sponsors

2021 Statewide Sponsors

Thank you to these sponsors of Equality California and Equality California Institute.

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