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2016 Legislation

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2015 Legislation

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2014 Legislation

Modernize Birth Certificates | AB 1951

AB 1951, authored by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, would modernize California birth certificates by allowing parents to choose to self-designate as “father,” “mother” or “parent,” eliminating inaccurate designations and confusion for same-sex parents.

End Panic Defense | AB 2501

AB 2501, authored by Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, would eliminate the so-called “gay panic” and “trans panic” defenses, outrageous tactics used by defendants who claim their violent acts were triggered by the victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Protect Students| SB 840

SB 840, authored by Senator Ricardo Lara, moves forward on recommendations from 2013’s statewide audit on school safety and nondiscrimination laws, to hold schools accountable for documenting responses to bullying and referring students to appropriate services.

Youth Equality Act | SB 323

SB 323 ensures nonprofit youth organizations that receive special state tax privileges comply with California’s nondiscrimination laws. Specifically, this bill revokes the special tax status rewarded to nonprofit youth organizations should they violate our state’s nondiscrimination laws.

Clean Up Marriage Language | SB 1306

SB 1306, authored by Senator Mark Leno, brings California statutory law into line with last June’s Supreme Court decision restoring the freedom to marry in California. References to “husband” and “wife” would be replaced with gender-neutral language such as “spouse” to recognize all married couples throughout California code.

LGBT Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers | SB 703

Assembly Bill 496 clarifies that existing cultural competency training for health care providers should include discussion of LGBT issues. Also appoints a representative of the LGBT community to an existing task force on cultural competency for health care providers.

Respect After Death Act | AB 1577

AB 1577, the Respect After Death Act, authored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins, would make sure death certificates for transgender Californians accurately reflect their authentic, lived identity.

2013 Legislation

Youth Equality Act | SB 323

Clarifies that nonprofit youth organizations will only be rewarded with special tax exemptions if they comply with California’s existing nondiscrimination laws.

School Success and Opportunity Act | AB 1266

AB 1266 addresses the exclusion of transgender students from classes and activities, and clarifies existing anti-discrimination law to provide clear protections to transgender students.

LGBT Health Insurance Parity | AB 362

Provides an exemption from state taxes for additional income an employer provides to an employee to make up for federal taxes the employee would otherwise pay to add a registered domestic partner or same-sex spouse (and/or their dependents) to insurance plans.

Transgender Name Changes, Birth and Death Certificates | AB 1121

Simplifies the process required for a name change to reflect a person’s gender identity, as well as ensuring that a person’s identity documents reflect his or her gender identity accurately, particularly death certificates.

LGBT Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers | AB 496

Clarifies that existing cultural competency training for health care providers should include discussion of LGBT issues. Also appoints an representative of the LGBT community to an existing task force on cultural competency for health care providers.

LGBT Cultural Competency Training for Administrators in Senior Care Facilities | AB 663

Ensures that administrators of residential care facilities have an additional five hours of training in cultural competency and sensitivity in aging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection | AB 1208

Ensures that the LGBT community is counted in California through health insurance eligibility application forms, which is an important step toward reducing the disparities the LGBT community faces in access to and quality of health services.

Assembly Joint Resolution 19 | AJR 19

Urges the federal government to act on this issue, and serve as an example for other states to follow as we continue to champion support for veterans’ rights.

Senate Resolution 18 | SR 18

Urges CalPERS and CalSTRS not to invest future resources from their pension plans in Russia.

2012 Legislation

Protecting LGBT Youth From Psychological Abuse | SB 1172

For decades, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people—particularly youth—have suffered psychological abuse by those who are entrusted to care for their emotional and psychological well-being. It’s long past time to do everything in our power to put an end to the use of tactics that have no sound scientific basis and that cause lifelong damage.

Providing Safe, Supportive Homes for LGBT Youth | AB 1856

Few things are more devastating to a child than being removed from his or her parents. Yet, for LGBT youth in foster care, this devastation is often compounded by placements in foster homes that are at best ill-equipped to care for LGBT kids or at worst hostile to LGBT people. AB 1856 will help to provide comfort, safety and support to LGBT foster youth by creating LGBT cultural competency standards that foster homes housing LGBT youth must meet.

Holding Schools Accountable for Keeping LGBT Youth Safe at School

For years, EQCA and our partners have worked to advance policies to make LGBT youth safer and better supported at school. Some schools have done a laudable job implementing these policies and protecting LGBT youth. Others have failed to do the job. This request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee asks the state auditor to conduct a review of all school districts across the state and evaluate the degree to which they are complying with existing laws that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students from discrimination and harassment.

Supporting LGBT Veterans and Military Families | AB 1505

Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, LGB service members and their families made tremendous sacrifices, but without the support and recognition afforded to the families of other service members. AB 1505 (Pan) will guarantee that all California service members who were discharged from the military for no reason other than their sexual orientation are eligible for all state benefits for veterans and their families such as home loans, college tuition fee waivers and preference for civil service examinations.

Keeping LGBT People in Their Homes | AB 1700

The death of a lifelong partner is traumatic. But under current law, that trauma can be worsened by property tax penalties that apply unequally to same-sex partners, especially impacting LGBT seniors. AB 1700 (Butler) will ensure that no LGBT person is put at risk of losing the home that he or she has built over a lifetime with a loved one.

Removing Barriers to Family-Building | AB 2356

For many loving, committed couples, having a child and building a family is one of the most important and fundamental keys to happiness. Unfortunately, same-sex couples face many barriers in forming families—including unequal access to fertility health care. AB 2356 (Skinner) will ensure that women in same-sex relationships can access fertility services on the same terms as women in opposite-sex relationships.

Protect Religious Freedom in Marriage | SB 1140

As we continue our efforts to achieve full equality, we must remove every possible barrier to securing the freedom to marry, including the false claim made by anti-equality advocates in California and elsewhere that allowing loving same-sex couples to marry will force clergy or places of worship to compromise their religious beliefs. As we anticipate the restoration of the freedom to marry in our state, SB 1140 (Leno) reaffirms the principles of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with respect to the freedom of clergy to make faith-based decisions regarding which marriages they solemnize.

2011 Legislation

  • FAIR Education Act | SB 48
  • Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education | AB 620
  • Seth’s Law | AB 9
  • Gender Non-Discrimination Act | AB 887
  • Vital Statistics Modernization Act | AB 433
  • Judicial Applicant and Appointment Demographics Inclusion Act | SB 182
  • Survey Data Inclusion Act | SB 416
  • Domestic Partnership Equality Act | SB 651
  • Equal Benefits Bill | SB 117
  • Protection of Parent-Child Relationships Act | AB 1349
  • LGBT Cultural Competency Training | SB 747
  • Insurance Non-Discrimination Act | SB 757
  • LGB Veterans Fairness Resolution | SJR 2

2010 Legislation

  • Civil Marriage Religious Freedom Act | SB 906
  • Separation Equity Act | AB 2700
  • Mental Health Services for At-Risk Youth | SB 543
  • Repeal of Discriminatory Code | AB 2199
  • Data Inclusion Act | AB 1878
  • LGBT Prisoner Safety Act | AB 633
  • Hate Crimes Protection Act | AB 1680
  • Unemployment Benefits Equality | AB 2055
  • Support of Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act | AJR 19
  • Support of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act | SJR 9
  • Support of the Uniting American Families Act | AJR 15
  • U.S. Blood Donor Nondiscrimination | AJR 13
  • Domestic Partner Tax Equity Resolution | AJR 29
  • 2020 Census Inclusion Resolution | SJR 28
  • Uganda’s Criminalization of LGBT People | SR 51

2009 Legislation

  • Harvey Milk Day | SB 572
  • Marriage Recognition and Family Protection Act | AB 1003
  • LGBT Domestic Violence Programs Expansion Bill | AB 1003
  • Equal ID Act | AB 1185
  • LGBT Prisoner Safety Act | AB 382
  • Senate Resolution in Support of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act | SR 23
  • House Resolution in Support of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act | HR 16
  • Senate Resolution in Support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act | SR 27
  • Assembly Resolution in Support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act | HR 20
  • Senate Resolution Urging Repeal of Prop 8 | SR 7
  • House Resolution Urging Repeal of Prop 8 | HR 6
  • Minor Mental Health Consent | SB 543
  • U.S. Blood Donor Nondiscrimination | AJR 13
  • Support of Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act | AJR 19
  • Support of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act | SJR 9
  • Support of the Uniting American Families Act | AJR 15

2008 Legislation

  • Civil Rights Act of 2008 | AB 2654
  • LGBT Training for Health Professionals in Senior Care Facilities | SB 1729
  • Foster Youth School Safety Education | AB 3015
  • Harvey Milk Day | AB 2567
  • Co-Owners Exclusion from Change in Ownership | SB 153

2007 Legislation

  • Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act | AB 43
  • Student Civil Rights Act | SB 777
  • Safe Place to Learn Act | AB 394
  • Juvenile Justice Safety and Protection Act | SB 518
  • Civil Rights Act of 2007 | AB 14
  • Fair and Equal Taxation for Surviving Partners Act | SB 559
  • Name Equality Act | AB 102
  • Resolution Supporting the Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” | SJR 6
  • Domestic Partners Joint Income Tax Filing Implementation Bill | SB 105
  • Resolution Urging Federal Support of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act | AJR 29

2006 Legislation

  • Safe Place to Learn Act | AB 606
  • Bias-Free Curriculum Act | SB 1437
  • State Income Tax Equity Act of 2006 | SB 1827
  • Civil Rights Housing Act of 2006 | AB 2800
  • Older Californians Equality and Protection Act | AB 2920
  • Nondiscrimination in State Programs and Activities | SB 1441
  • Equality in Prevention and Services for Domestic Abuse Act | AB 2051
  • Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act | AB 1160
  • Code of Fair Campaign Practices | AB 1207

2005 Legislation

  • Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act | AB 849
  • Code of Fair Campaign Practices | AB 866
  • Elimination of “Panic” Strategy in Criminal Trials | AB 1160
  • Civil Rights Act of 2005 | AB 1400
  • Insurance Non-Discrimination Act | AB 1586
  • Domestic Partner Pension Death Benefit Legislation | SB 973
  • Resolution Supporting the Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” | SJR 11

2004 Legislation

  • Marriage License Non-Discrimination Act | AB 1967
  • California Insurance Equality Act | AB 2208
  • Omnibus Labor and Employment Non-Discrimination Act | AB 2900
  • Permanent Partners Immigration Act (PPIA) Resolution | AJR 60
  • Resolution Opposing A Federal Marriage Discrimination Amendment | AJR 85

2003 Legislation

  • Equal Benefits in State Contracting | AB 17
  • Gender Nondiscrimination | AB 196
  • Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003 | AB 205
  • Discrimination by Non-Employees | AB 76
  • Foster Youth Anti-Discrimination Act of 2003 | AB 458
  • School-Based Data Collection on Bias Incidents | AB 661
  • HIV Counselor as Limited Phlebotomy Technician | AB 685
  • Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) | AB 879
  • CalPERS Recognition of Locally-Defined Domestic Partners | AB 1082
  • Bias Prevention Training for Teachers | AB 1250
  • Needle Exchange | AB 1363
  • LGBT Veterans’ Memorial | AB 1520
  • Boy Scouts Resolution | ACR 89
  • Nonoxynol-9 | AJR 16
  • Health Insurance Act of 2003 | SB 2
  • California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act | SB 71
  • County Employees Death Benefits | SB 85
  • “Sweat-Free” Contractors | SB 578
  • Revisions of 1985 School Safety Act | SB 719
  • Syringe Sales | SB 774
  • Co-owners Exemption from Property Tax Reassessment | SCA 5
  • Shareholder Pressure for Pharmaceutical Provision of HIV/AIDS Meds | SCR 11

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