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Equality California, Silver State Equality Endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States
"We know Joe Biden. Joe has been a pro-equality champion for decades, and he is the partner we need in the White House fighting for full, lived LGBTQ+ equality.”
April 10, 2020 at 10:09 am

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April 10, 2020

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LOS ANGELES — Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ civil rights organization, and its Nevada-based affiliate Silver State Equality announced their endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden for president of the United States on Friday. After Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) announced Wednesday that he has suspended his campaign, Biden became the Democratic Party’s nominee-apparent. Biden’s policy plan to achieve full, lived LGBTQ+ equality is more comprehensive and progressive than any major party nominee for president in the nation’s history.

Equality California and Silver State Equality released the following statement from Executive Director Rick Chavez Zbur:

“This will be the most important election in our lifetimes — and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Joe Biden has taken on tough fights before, and we know he will take on Donald Trump, win back the White House and fight alongside us for LGBTQ+ civil rights and social justice.

“Throughout Joe Biden’s career, he’s tackled the tough challenges our country has faced — from gun violence to affordable healthcare to violence against women and sexual assault. He understands that LGBTQ+ people belong to every community and face diverse challenges far beyond a need for basic civil rights protections. And he has a bold, progressive plan to achieve full, lived equality for all LGBTQ+ people — and for the diverse communities to which we belong.

“In times of uncertainty like these, we need a president we can trust — who we can depend on. We need a president who has helped lead us out of a crisis before and is prepared on day one to do so again. We also need a leader with hope. A leader who believes in a world that is healthy, just and fully equal for all LGBTQ+ people — and who is ready to create that world. We need a leader who knows that our best days still lie ahead.

“Joe Biden is that leader. He will be that president. And we couldn’t be more excited to join his team.

The former vice president has pledged to help pass and sign the Equality Act as president. Biden’s comprehensive strategy to end the HIV epidemic by 2025 includes a bold and appropriately aggressive plan to expand access to life-saving HIV prevention and treatment medications and eliminate stigma against people living with HIV. His plan for LGBTQ+ equality includes specific policy priorities to protect LGBTQ+ people from hate crimes, which have increased sharply during the Trump-Pence Administration, and end the epidemic of violence against the transgender community — particularly transgender women of color. His plan to build on the Affordable Care Act and expand access to high quality, affordable healthcare will help millions of LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV receive the care they need, free of discrimination. Biden has also called transgender equality “the civil rights issue of our time.”

Biden has committed to nominating pro-equality cabinet members and a pro-equality justice to the U.S. Supreme Court should there be a vacancy. Biden has also pledged to overturn President Trump’s anti-LGBTQ+ executive actions, including the president’s ban on transgender military service and Secretary DeVos’s revocation of the Obama-Biden Administration’s guidance protecting transgender students in schools.

During the Obama-Biden Administration, the nation made historic progress in the fight for LGBTQ+ civil rights and social justice — repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” passing comprehensive federal hate crimes legislation, protecting LGBTQ+ students from bullying and discrimination, expanding access to affordable healthcare for LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV and finally achieving marriage equality nationwide. When Vice President Biden left office in 2017, he and Dr. Biden started a foundation that focused on advancing LGBTQ+ equality, supporting LGBTQ+ students and protecting the transgender community from discrimination and violence.

Equality California and Silver State Equality are the first major LGBTQ+ civil rights organizations to endorse Biden. The organizations join key LGBTQ+ leaders including Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-New York) and Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the landmark marriage equality Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges.

Every top tier 2020 Democratic presidential candidate sought Equality California and Silver State Equality’s endorsement — a testament to the LGBTQ community’s role as a key voting bloc in California and Nevada, both important early states, and across the country. When the organizations endorsed Pete Buttigieg in January, they noted that all of the candidates who had applied for endorsement, including Vice President Biden, had submitted questionnaires outlining their strong support for LGBTQ+ civil rights and social justice.

2020 will be one of the most consequential election years for LGBTQ+ people in modern American history, and Equality California and Silver State Equality plan to run substantial get out the vote efforts in elections up and down the ballot. In 2018, Equality California ran a robust statewide get-out-the-vote campaign to educate and mobilize pro-equality voters in California’s primary and general elections, helping to win crucial swing districts and flip control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

For a complete list of Equality California’s 2020 endorsements, visit eqca.org/elections.


Equality California is the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ civil rights organization. We bring the voices of LGBTQ people and allies to institutions of power in California and across the United States, striving to create a world that is healthy, just, and fully equal for all LGBTQ people. We advance civil rights and social justice by inspiring, advocating and mobilizing through an inclusive movement that works tirelessly on behalf of those we serve. www.eqca.org

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