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A Thanksgiving Message from Rick
November 24, 2016 at 10:40 am

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Today, as we reflect on what we’re grateful for, I want to take a moment to thank YOU for being a member of the Equality California family.  While the past few weeks have been challenging, here at Equality California we’re pausing on this Thanksgiving Day to reflect on the many things that are right with our community.

Rick ZburI’m grateful for the resilience and strength of our community and allies. We have always stood together to confront and overcome the many challenges that have come our way over the years. I’m thankful for our diversity – we draw support from and find allies in the many communities of which LGBT people are a part. I’m grateful for the elected officials, here in California and across the country, who have vowed to stand fast against any attempts to roll back the civil rights gains that we have achieved over the past eight years. And I’m thankful for our partners – civil rights, social service, business, labor, healthcare and other organizations that help protect and meet the needs of LGBT people. I have no doubt that together we will overcome efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which brings quality, affordable healthcare to millions of LGBT people who are otherwise ineligible because they are transgender or have HIV or other preexisting conditions. I have no doubt that together, we will resist attempts to target any part of our community because of gender identity, race, sex, religion or immigration status.

Most of all, I’m grateful for you – our supporters, our allies and our community. Together, we have weathered many storms. Together, with your support, we can rise above any threat that lies ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you from all of us at Equality California.

Rick Zbur

Executive Director, Equality California

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